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Participatory Action Research

Highlighted by our commitment to community-led research design and implementation, fostering collaborative data analysis and interpretation, creating jointly developed action plans, and empowering marginalized communities to drive positive change.

Quantitative Research

Emphasizing large-scale data collection and analysis, utilization of advanced statistical methods to ensure high-quality, reliable data, and the generation of actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Qualitative Research

We conduct in-depth interviews and focus groups, detailed observation and documentation, contextual analysis of human experiences, and delivering rich, nuanced insights into complex topics.

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Recent Research Projects

SDCCE – Basic Needs Research Report

Community college students continue to struggle with meeting their basic needs. The Hope Center (2020) found that over 60% of students enrolled in the San Diego Community College District struggled […]

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Washington Community Investment Fund

Washington Community Reinvestment Fund

In 2022, the Washington State Legislature set aside $200 million in the Community Reinvestment Account for the Department of Commerce (Commerce) to invest in communities disproportionately harmed by the historical […]

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Seattle Technology Access and Adoption Study

This qualitative research is a component of the 2023 Seattle Technology Access and Adoption Study aimed to understand community needs regarding technology access and adoption among underrepresented communities. The City’s […]

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in Community Development, pioneering sustainable strategies that elevate communities globally, combining government and organizational strengths for impactful, holistic growth.


communities, integrating data-driven insights with local solutions, fostering U.S.-wide economic and business development deeply rooted in Black cultural understanding.


to Digital Equity and Justice, actively transforming community potential into progress with strategic approaches to digital equity, justice, and reinvestment.


in a Diverse, Celebrated Word, where every community's success through digital equity and reinvestment marks our shared prosperity and collective growth.


with Profound Results, achieving $3 million in monthly grants, transforming over 100 communities, exemplifying our dedication to community metamorphosis.

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