Five Figures In-A-Box Subscription

Do you want to offer our strategies as part of your coaching/consulting program but you don't have the knowledge or network to do so? Then this product is for you!

Bring up to four of your clients (per subscription) to our monthly Black Wealth Strategy Q/A sessions where our Chief Grant Slayer Shaun Glaze will answer their questions, tell them exactly what they should do to get the funding they deserve and provide them with the tools and resources they need to see it through.

We put your high-ticket consulting on easy mode. Get our high-ticket offer in a box -and start charging 5-figure offers, even if you haven't made four (yet).

We have two package add-ons.

  1. Q&A support between the monthly sessions. If your clients have questions outside of the monthly Q/A sessions we'll provide you with support in answering their questions. You get to be the hero!
  2. Copy-paste templates. If you don't have time or expertise to build new assets - or if you just want to resell the stuff we make, this is for you. Make more sales.

This product includes five (5) seats to our Black Wealth Strategy Subscription. You and four of your clients can come together and learn how to get this bag - sponsorships, grants, contracting, and pricing support included.

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