Our Team

Shaun Glaze (They/Them)

Shaun Glaze, Chief Consulting Officer at Inclusive Data

Chief Consulting Officer

What happens when you mix a data nerd with someone passionate about social justice and reaching diverse communities? Me. I'm Shaun Glaze and I’m the Chief Consulting Officer for Inclusive Data, LLC. With over 10 years of research experience, I have a proven track record of helping people reach their target audience on the government and private sector level. 

I love listening to people's stories and finding ways to make the data lift up those who are seldom heard. Agencies and non-profits generally come to me with questions like, "How can I reach people who speak a language other than English?" "What can you tell me about People of Color (POC) who live in this area?" "Is there any data that can help me end disparities for these communities?" "Is this data- and if so, what can I do with it?" Through a conversation about their goals, I guide clients towards how to ask the right questions to get the information they need to make the right next steps. I bring some of this same skillset to my work on the Black Brilliance Research Project - the world's largest Black community-led participatory action research.

I work with small and mid-size teams for public agencies, non-profits, and private clients. I particularly enjoy multidisciplinary collaborations where people are used to speaking multiple languages or relying on different jargon. Basically, I like to mix it up. There is no one-size-fits-all magic to a stellar collaboration. Technology can help, though. I include tech experts as well as folks who are less familiar in discussions about how to set up databases, project management, and online tools to facilitate effective and accessible communication. Together, we can come up with a solution that works best for each context.

One of the things I love about consulting is how it allows for us to try something new- to push ourselves to provide more accessible services and to deepen relationships that improve our quality of life. When I'm working with transportation agencies or health departments on racial equity analyses, we're talking about how to ensure investments are supporting historically marginalized people and communities. We're talking about how to connect people to the places and communities they value.

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Sabrina Roach (She/Her)

A photo of Sabrina Roach Director of Strategic Partnerships of Inclusive Data

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Sabrina Roach brings more than two decades of organizing for a media and technology ecosystem that serves all of us.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, she facilitated development of the Digital Navigator model for digital inclusion support at the National Digital Inclusion Alliance and co-led the Internet Action Crisis Team (I-ACT) with Washington State Representative Mia Gregerson which led to a significant increase in resources and support for bridging digital divides.

She spent seven years as a “doer” at Brown Paper Tickets guiding public media and tech advocacy, initiating the Upgrade Seattle campaign for municipal broadband, and organizing the Puget Sound Radio Neighborhood Cohort to support ten new Low Power FM radio stations from application to build.

She has served in a mix of regional and national board roles with the Alliance for Community Media and worked at public (KUOW) and community (KBCS) radio stations while organizing for media justice and policy reform.



Ayana Williams (She/Her)

A photo of Ayana Williams (She/Her) Social Media Manager of Inclusive Data

Social Media Manager

Hello, hello! I’m Ayana Williams. 

I manage social media and promotions for Black Joy Black Health Black Wealth Academy and Inclusive Data while doing reconnaissance, content creation, copywriting, analytical analysis, interactions, and creating media kits, and banners.

I also coordinate with presenters, vendors, guests, and the public to ensure this event is on point! All while completing two internships, planning additional events, and getting my associate's degree in Business Administration.

I am completely dedicated to Black people and the look, feel, and vibe of Black Joy, Black Health, and Black Wealth is my melanin.



Eric Glaze (He/Him)

Director of Operations

Who do you call when you want help growing your business into the powerhouse of revenue you always knew it could be? Me. I’m Eric Glaze and I’ve been working in operations for over 10 years with extensive experience in telecommunications and technology applications. I’m passionate about learning the latest and greatest strategies and technologies so that I may incorporate it into my work to help solve my client’s everyday issues.

Integrity is part of everything I do. Clients often come to me with questions like, "How soon can we get this done?" "Can you work with me around my specific situation?" "How do we fix this?" Through a conversation about their goals, I work with them to get things done right the first time and set them up so they can seamlessly take their next steps in their business ventures.

I work with commercial, entrepreneur, and residential clients. Most of the work I do is with minimal direction, but I also have experience working on large teams with overlapping responsibilities. It is important to me that our teams’ function efficiently, and I have experience managing operations and personnel to achieve key performance targets.   

One of the things that keep me passionate about my work is that I love technology and realize what a difference it can make. When businesses don’t utilize tech to its fullest or when they miss solvable problems caused by a faulty internet connection, or a slow computer I immediately want to help. We’re talking about how people connect to the family, friends, and services they care about- the backbone of our lives and businesses. Especially in this day and age it’s more important than ever to be able to quickly get the latest news and information to both stay competitive and stay safe.


Lili Gu (She/Her)

Director of Digital Storytelling

Hi, I’m Lili! I’m a film and digital media creative passionate about pushing for equity and justice through storytelling. I bring a decade of content strategy, film production, and marketing communications experience to the Inclusive Data team. My career’s great joy is helping people and communities feel seen, safe, and empowered.

I live my values in my work, from building teams on an anti-oppression framework to bringing a decolonial approach to media production. Clients often come to my team with questions like, “What’s the story with this data?” “Where does this narrative intersect with systemic inequity?” “How can we tell this story to bring about a necessary solution?” I’m honored to share my skill set with community in this way, and to foster deep, meaningful relationships in the process.

My firm belief is that our focus on issues of historical marginalization is vital in building the world we want to live in. Each day, I’m filled with gratitude to be creating media that’s accessible, powerful, and connected to our collective liberation.


Risper Karanja (She/Her) 

Risper Karanja, Virtual Administrative Assistant at Inclusive Data

Virtual Assistant

An organization geek, a tech enthusiast, and an adept communicator are nouns that best describe me. I’m Risper Karanja, a creative dedicated to helping your business grow. With over five years of experience in professional office administrative assistant positions and a track record of strong performance in high-volume, high-pressure environments, I skillfully handle administrative duties and client relations. 

I bring a fresh and innovative approach to support services. I act as the liaison between Inclusive Data and our clients as well as providing back-end support. My focus is to be resourceful: To meet your needs and go beyond your expectations by delivering exceptional customer service and administrative support. 

I have had the pleasure of working with many businesses and helping them succeed is a feeling like no other. I care about the things you care for; I am here to be your partner, ensuring I do everything to support your business, making sure you’re happy, motivated, and enabled to succeed. 

I am confident in what I do, and I get to wake up every day and help businesses grow to that next level of success. I love that my work enables me to bring all my skills, experience, and talents in tech, marketing, and organization together to help business owners achieve their business goals.


Loren Jones (She/Her) 

Operations Specialist

Hi! My name is Loren Jones. I am an operations specialist with a passion for helping businesses connect with consumers in a meaningful, profitable, and engaging manner. I have over 7 years of experience in the customer service industry, paired with a robust administrative and office management background. Whether I am at work or home, I am always striving to put a smile on everyone's face and make their day a little more effortless. I put my heart and skill into everything I do. My superpower? Communicating important, detailed information in a way that is easily absorbable and beneficial to my clients and their customers.

I love that I am in a unique position to use my robust skillset to help businesses surpass their goals. My customer-centered focus allows clients to thrive by ensuring critical communication, products, and services reach their customers. I enjoy using data, technology, and social strategy to grow my clients' brand and strengthen their marketing efforts.

Throughout my career, I have been driven by an intense desire to quickly and efficiently help my clients run a successful business. I approach every job with the goal to always provide a new, and fresh approach to client services to help businesses better serve their customers and exceed their goals.

As marketing, consumer sales, and customer service become increasingly online, it is only natural that I would take the adept communication skills I have developed over the years and bring those to the social media forefront.


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