King County Best Starts for Kids

Learn about our work on the King County Best Starts for Kids

Project Goal

To help community organizations who serve King County Washington get funding through the BSK Levy. 

Our Role

  • Grant Proposal Review & Edits 
  • Vision Sessions
  • Program Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Budget Review  

Executive Summary

Best Starts for Kids meets children and families with the right services at the right time. The first Best Starts for Kids levy, approved by King County voters in 2015, reached 490,000 of King County’s youngest children and their families and 40,000 youth and young adults, catalyzing strong starts in a child’s earliest years, and sustaining those gains through to adulthood.

In August 2021, King County voters chose to renew the levy with over 62% approval for another six years. The plan for Best Starts for Kids 2.0 will maintain current Best Starts for Kids investments in promotion, prevention, and early intervention, while deepening our investments to address critical needs in our community.

For Best Starts for Kids, Inclusive Data provides Technical Assistance in English, Spanish, and Tagalog. A strong grant proposal demonstrates an organization’s ability to build effective partnerships, and community led solutions. If you want help creating your own irresistible grant proposals or robust coalitions, we’re your team. We will work with you on grant proposal review & edits, vision sessions, program development, strategic planning, & budget review. 

We also identify grants each month that community organizations can apply for. These grants are often a compliment to Best Starts for Kids funding opportunities and can be utilized to improve program outcomes. Contact us today at to start your winning proposal.

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