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At Inclusive Data, we understand the importance of investing in your organization’s growth. Our fund development services are proven to help you unlock that potential, providing you with opportunities you can use to build financially.
Whether you are looking to participate in hands-on workshops, engage in interactive and engaging training sessions, explore key topics in depth or secure support from leading organizations and experts, we have the offerings to help you achieve every goal. Discover our full range of fund development services today to empower your organization for success.

Maximize Your Funding Potential With Our Proven Strategies

Join the community of organizations thriving with our expert funding guidance

Our Black Wealth Strategy Subscription is the ultimate program for businesses and nonprofits looking to secure funding and reach their full potential. With a focus on economic development and business development, this program provides a comprehensive approach to funding success. The program includes live strategy sessions with funding experts who provide personalized support and resources to help you grow your budget and increase your capacity.

BWS Platinum subscribers also get access to the Big Funding Vault, where we keep all of our best content, including our funding masterclasses, challenge replays, online training and much more. You’ll also get to join us during bi-monthly lunch and learns to help you build relationships and develop key skills such as public speaking, marketing and fundraising.


  • Live monthly funding strategy sessions with Q&A
  • Expert guidance on business and economic development
  • Get support with sponsorships, grants, sales and marketing

Transform Your Skills and Knowledge With Our Workshops

Hands-on learning experiences for real-world impact

Our workshops provide hands-on learning experiences that empower you to make a real-world impact. While attending interactive and engaging sessions, you will explore the key topics in depth while networking with peers and experts. With expert instruction and support, our workshops help you build the skills and knowledge you need to advance.


  • Hands-on learning modules
  • Interactive and engaging sessions
  • In-depth exploration of key topics
  • Networking and collaborating opportunities
  • Expert instruction and support

Empower Your Organization With Our Sponsorship Opportunities

Gain access to the resources and support you need

Our sponsorship opportunities provide organizations with the resources and support they need to succeed. With guidance from leading organizations and experts, you will have access to the latest research and insights, along with opportunities to network and collaborate.

Financial resources and support, along with marketing and promotional opportunities, make our sponsorship programs the ideal choice for organizations looking for expansive growth.


  • Support from leading organizations and experts
  • Opportunities to network and collaborate
  • Access to cutting-edge research and insights
  • Financial resources and support
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities

Push Your Limits and Grow Your Skills With Our Challenges & Live Trainings

Interactive and engaging online training opportunities

Our challenges and online training webinars provide interactive and engaging opportunities to test and apply your skills. With real-world scenarios and challenges, you will push your limits and grow your abilities.

Access to expert instruction, support and opportunities to network, make our challenges and webinars the perfect choice for anyone looking to advance their skills and knowledge.


  • Interactive and engaging online training sessions
  • Learn and test new skills
  • Real-world scenarios and challenges
  • Expert instruction and support
  • Networking activities

Deepen Your Understanding With Our Online Teach-ins

In-depth exploration of critical issues and topics

Our teach-ins provide an in-depth exploration of critical issues and topics. With expert instruction and guidance, you will engage and participate in meaningful discussions and debates.

We provide the latest research and insights while providing a place to network with peers. Teach-ins are a valuable resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding to make a real-world impact.


  • In-depth exploration of critical issues and topics
  • Expert instruction and guidance
  • Engagement activities
  • Access to the latest research and insights
  • Networking opportunities with peers