Black Wealth Strategy Subscription

Do you need to meet with Shaun to get funding for your business but their next available appointment isn't for another 3 months? Trust me you aren't alone.

By popular demand, we introduce you to the Black Wealth Strategy Subscription!

Subscribers get live monthly strategy sessions, templates, and Q&A with Shaun about upcoming grants and funding opportunities for Black small for-profit businesses and Black nonprofits. Ask Shaun anything during these sessions- grants, sponsorships, donations, recurring revenue, and more.

You will also get

  • Curated lists of upcoming grant opportunities with monthly updates.
  • Perks like monthly bingo cards mailed to your address.


If just one nugget from this course brings you your next revenue stream, would it have been worth it?


Bingo prizes range in value and include offers and services (valued $1600+) from Black-owned businesses in our community. Canceling subscriptions also cancels the monthly bingo card deliveries.

No purchase is necessary to win our BINGO sweepstakes. To participate by mail, please view our terms and conditions

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