Inclusive Data

Who we are

Harnessing the Power of Data for Transformative Community Change

Inclusive Data is not just a name—it’s our ethos. We are the bridge that connects data-driven insights with community-centric solutions. Being a “by, for, with” organization, we mirror the communities we ardently serve, notably emphasizing the distinctive cultural and capacity expertise that is deeply embedded within Black communities. Our reach stretches from our home base in Seattle to communities across the United States, ensuring that economic and business development is not just a goal but a tangible reality through our pioneering solutions and partnerships. We proudly stand as advocates for underfunded communities, ardently ensuring they have the resources and platforms to shine brilliantly.
Inclusive Data team photo. In order from left to right top to bottom, Dr Shaun, Eric, Kathleen, Mandee, Loren, Devin, John, and Hannah. Also a photo of the Inclusive Data Logo.

Our approach

Our Mission

Empowering Communities with Data, Digital Equity, and Economic Drive

Digital equity, digital justice, and community reinvestment aren’t just buzzwords for us—they are pillars that underpin everything we undertake. We are relentless in our pursuit to amplify underfunded communities, pushing boundaries to ensure they have the resources they genuinely merit. With strategies spanning research, outreach, technical assistance, capacity building, and fund development, we aim to shape narratives, fostering an ecosystem where every community narrative is amplified, and potential transforms into palpable progress.

Our Vision

A World Connected, Celebrated, and Elevated by Its Diversity

In our envisioned world, every community, irrespective of its economic status or background, experiences the power of limitless digital opportunities and is celebrated for its unique stories and strengths. Digital equity, community reinvestment, and the principles of digital justice guide us toward this horizon—a world where these principles are everyday realities. It’s a vision we strive for, one where every community’s success is a testament to collective growth and shared prosperity.


in Community Development, pioneering sustainable strategies that elevate communities globally, combining government and organizational strengths for impactful, holistic growth.


communities, integrating data-driven insights with local solutions, fostering U.S.-wide economic and business development deeply rooted in Black cultural understanding.


to Digital Equity and Justice, actively transforming community potential into progress with strategic approaches to digital equity, justice, and reinvestment.


in a Diverse, Celebrated Word, where every community's success through digital equity and reinvestment marks our shared prosperity and collective growth.


with Profound Results, achieving $3 million in monthly grants, transforming over 100 communities, exemplifying our dedication to community metamorphosis.

Our numbers that speak​

Quantifying Our Passion for Progress

In the world of community development, numbers aren’t just figures—they’re stories of growth, resilience, and transformation.


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Community Impact

Meet The Founder

I’m Dr. Shaun Glaze, your favorite Grant Slayer, a researcher, grant strategist and Founder of Inclusive Data.

In 2020, we all saw the uprisings in defense of Black lives. We saw how funders were eager to reach Black folks – and that no one really seemed to be helping Black folks learn how to get these HUGE opportunities.

I didn’t want to start a business as much as I wanted to support the movement for Black liberation and get as many Black folks as much money as I could.

Honestly, I just want us to get free, y’all.

I need to get as much of what I knew out there ASAP. I’m pushing everything I know into as many Black homes as I can.

So, I made the ultimate playbook while using my over 10 years of grants experience to get more than $3M per month – that’s just counting the funding for Black folks y’all. Not even all the funding we’ve secured for community.

Funding rules have changed, and now tiny small businesses and new nonprofits are winning BIG! I know this won’t last long, so I need community to really mobilize so we can all eat.


Meet The Team

Dr. Shaun Glaze

Chief Consulting Officer & CEO

Courtney Arrington

Chief Financial Officer

Kathleen Pérez

Chief of Staff

Eric Glaze

Director of Operations

Mandee Figueroa

Director of Design & AI
A headshot of Devin Noel-Harrison our Regional Research Director of Western States

Devin Noel-Harrison

Regional Research Director

Loren Jones

Operations Specialist

John Sim

Research Assistant

Hannah Jirah Abao

Communications Associate
A photo of Suleiman Bulus, Federal Grant Writer

Suleiman Bulus

Grant Writing Specialist

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Our Impact

Crafted Precision for Sustainable Growth

Our solutions are tailored tapestries, interwoven with insights, expertise, and passion. Recognizing the diverse challenges communities face, we amalgamate cutting-edge research with practical strategies, always ensuring our solutions are not just effective but also resonate with the heart of the community. Dive into a world where innovation meets community spirit, and let’s craft lasting change together.