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What People Say

In my 20 YEARS of doing customer focus groups, I have never seen a better focus group. I immediately know my next steps.

Public Utilities Client

We never had the capacity to do our own bilingual research before. You gave us back our capacity to do this work well.

Non-Profit Director

We still get thank you notes for how accessible our online and phone surveys were. It's been half a year later!

Transportation Client

I'd gladly pay $100K to support the work you do. Based on our experience, I know we'll get that back and some.

A. Abdi, Black small non-profit member

I used to be the resident grant writer, now we just hire Shaun and their team.

R. Jackson, Black small non-profit member

I want to cry, this is such a blessing. You really listened and you perfectly captured exactly what I’m trying to do. You took my dream and put it into words. I’ve never seen something so well-written. I can use this application for so many things!

L. Williams, Black founder and CEO

I always thought grants were just for non-profits, this really helped me see how I can build a team to go after these grants.

T. Jones, Black small business owner

Damn, I'm so happy you're offering this. Literally saved me so much time. When you start offering classes sign me up!

J. Banks, Black small business owner

I got my very first grant with Shaun. And my second. And my third. They really know how to get money for our community. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

A. Vincent, Co-Founder at a small Black-owned non-profit